June 12, 2011

Weekly Menu Review

I hope you are having a fabulous weekend! Below is a review of the recipes I had planned for last week. I'll be back tomorrow with our menu for this week!

Monday: Grilled Chicken with Spinach and Mozzarella from Skinny Taste. Rice on the side. This was good, although I cooked the chicken a little too long so it was kind of dry. I should have served this with veggie instead of rice, but oh well.

Tuesday: Shrimp & Grits via Cooking Light( Note: This isn't the exact recipe I have marked at home, but it actually looks a little more interesting! I think I have all the extras on hand to make it)Delicious, but I burnt the bacon that was supposed to go with it! Whoops. And we were out of regular hot sauce, so I just used a couple of drops of the habenero hot sauce we had.

Wednesday: Cheesy Brussel Sprout Casserole from Healthy Tipping Point. I've only cooked with brussel sprouts once before and it was a giant fail. I hope this works out. I've cooked her Santa Fe Casserole before and it is yummy! This wasn't that great. It was dry and didn't have a lot of flavor. I think I didn't have enough cheese. I also didn't have Italian herbs in a tube; those would have made a difference.

Thursday: Salmon w/Asparagus We didn't make this. I went out for drinks with friends and he went to a car show.

Friday: Enchiladas. Veggies & black bean for me, chicken & veggies for him. A staple in this household! I use squash, zuchini, bell peppers, onions and spinach. Our favorite enchilada sauce is a Kroger brand one we found. We use the pre-cooked chicken strips for his half. I used to put black beans in mine, but now I just use it as a way to shove as many veggies as possible in a meal :) And there's always leftovers, so we have dinner tonight!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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