June 7, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Not much to blog about around here today, so I decided to give you a "Ten on Tuesday" post! In this series, I'll post 10 items--songs, books, etc---I want to share.

Today's Ten on Tuesday focuses on some of my favorite websites. These are websites I frequent quite a bit for information or entertainment purposes. I'm leaving off Facebook and Twitter, because those are just a given.

1) Mint- I've used Mint to track my spending and finances off and on for almost three years. However, now that J and I are married and have a joint account, I check it almost daily. June is our first month with joint finances, so at the end of the month we will sit down together and review everything. Then we will take our first stab at really setting up a budget. It is very helpful and easy to use. Bonus: It's free!

2)News sites- The Commercial Appeal, The AJC and CNN are my favorite sites for staying updated on current events. I have to admit though,I mainly skim headlines and read the articles that are most intriguing to me. I need to do a better job of reading the news and really being informed on the issues going on today.

3) Pinterest- I haven't pinned a lot the last week or two, but I love browsing what others have pinned. It is also helpful to pin gift ideas for my birthday next month!

4) Healthy Living Blogs--These are all in my Google Reader, but I enjoy Meals and Miles, Healthy Tipping Point, Kath Eats and The Fitnessista among others! I get meal and workout ideas from these blogs.

5)Food Blogs/Websites--Although I have a stack of cookbooks and old issues of Cooking Light, I also use the internet to find recipes for a weekly meals. My favorites lately have been Eat Live Run, All Recipes, Cooking Light and Skinny Taste.

6) The Sugar Network of Websites--There are over a dozen Sugar sites, but the ones I have marked in my Reader are FitSugar, SavvySugar and CasaSugar.

The next few I don't check as frequently, but they provide some good laughs and are my go-tos when I need to waste some time ;)

7) Damn You Autocorrect--I've been the victim of Autocorrect before. These are hysterical.

8) Texts From Last Night- My friends and I love posting funny ones on each others' Facebook walls.

9) STFU Couples and STFU Parents- There are a number of STFU Tumblrs out there. I have more than a few people who pop up on my FB feed I'm tempted to send in(but I'm not that mean)!

10)Young House Love--Ok, I do see this one daily because it is in my Reader. They are such a creative couple!

Technically that was more than 10! I hope I showed you something new. What are some of your favorite websites?


Ally Garner said...

My reader is slam full-so much so, i'm finding it hard to read through all the daily entries lately haha.

But here are a few newlywed(ish) ones that i thought you might wanna check out:


My fave *was* OurMarriageProject.com but they ended it just yesterday unfortunately. It's still something you might wanna go back and read though. It was a couple's daily journey through their first year of marriage. They celebrated their 1st anniversary on the 3rd. But they'll be starting a new series over the summer from what i gather. In the meantime, follow them on twitter and/or facebook!

Barbecued Peaches said...

Ah, I've been searching for some newlywed blogs! Thanks :)

The Waspy Redhead said...

Oooh I need to checkout these sugar blogs. Great list!

Mer said...

lovelovelove Mint! Such a great resource. Good luck with your very first budget as a married couple! :)