June 9, 2011

This is happening

image via nkotbsb.com

I bought the tickets this morning. My sister is flying up next weekend and next Monday night we're going to see the New Kids on The Block and the Backstreet Boys in concert. The worlds of my six-year-old self and sixteen-year-old self will collide.

I was a HUGE NKOTB fan when I was in 1st-2nd grade. I had a fanny pack(neon colors, of course), night gowns, beach towels, t-shirts and of course a Jordan Knight doll, complete with rat tail:
image via Google

As I grew older, they grew less popular. Then these guys came along:
Oh, yes. I was a BSB girl. My BFF was an N'Sync girl(because you had to pick one or the other), so we went to multiple concerts for both of them. I won't lie. I still run to "The Hits-Chapter 1" on my ipod. In fact, I may play it this afternoon just to get in the spirit!

I. Can't. Wait. I wonder if my sister can go home and find my NKOTB fanny pack and BSB Millennium tour t-shirt(3 sizes too big, of course, because I liked baggy clothes back then) before she flies up here. Clearly I'll need them.


Anonymous said...

I love you more than my luggage and cheese but..... *Giggles*

Haha! Actually, i bet this concert will be a ton of fun.

Now you laugh your fanny off at me for paying to see Hall and Oates :)

Barbecued Peaches said...

I have no shame in my ridiculous music choices :) I went to my first Hanson concert on my 20th birthday...and I've been to 3 more since!

Hall & Oates were at MIM last year! They had a big crowd from what I heard.