June 2, 2011

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts

I don't watch a ton of television. I have "my shows" that I like to watch and that's pretty much it. I'll turn it on for background noise, but I don't spend hours wasting away in front of the TV(unless I'm sick, there's terrible weather out, etc...then I'm known for tuning in for Buffy marathon via Netflix).

One of my absolute favorite shows is "Friday Night Lights." You've probably read the book and seen the movie by the same name. The final season is airing right now on NBC, but patience isn't my strong suit and I went out and bought it on DVD. Thanks to NBC/DirectTV for having the screwiest setup ever, thus allowing me to do this!

J and I watched the finale last night and I am so, so sad it is over. It is rare that you find a show that has such wonderful actors, story lines, cinematography, etc. It is just a beautiful show. The actors are phenomenal--Kyle Chandler & Connie Britton especially. How those two don't have Emmys is beyond me! The show won a Peabody; everyone realized how wonderful it was but no one watched because NBC constantly scheduled it at terrible times.

Based on a small fictional town in Texas, the characters are REAL people. They are characters you recognize, especially if you're like me--from a small(ish) town where Fridays are about high school football. Coach Taylor and his wife don't live in a mansion, they don't have tons of money, they argue, they love each other, they raise their family...you could look down the street and find a couple just like them. The characters were wonderfully written and as you watched the show, you began to care for them.

Clay Travis said it best on twitter....the fact that this show is ending is criminal. It will be replaced by yet another talent reality show or Law & Order series. NBC did this a few years ago when they cancelled "American Dreams."

If you've never watched this show before, I suggest you start on season one NOW. Stick with it through the WTF story lines(I'm looking at you, season 2 murder plot) and you'll enjoy it all.

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Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.


Lauren said...

I seriously couldn’t agree more with you more!!!!!!! Love EVERYTHING about this show!!! Truly the best thing to hit TV. So relatable and you’re finding yourself instantly wanting to move to Dillon, TX. Ha!!! I am on season 4 and will be sooooooooo sad when I get done watching it!!!! Like I said, it’s my new obsession, ha!!! Really wish they would have continued on with this show, and just sad it didn’t have enough viewership because sincerely believe it could have had a much longer run, but thankful for the 5 seasons they did have!!!

Ally Garner said...

You'd think that since i'm such a football fanatic i would've been all about FNL, but truthfully i've only seen a couple of episodes..... don't judge ;)

I was a huge LOST fan tho. When it ended last season i was crushed. Nothing on tv compares. Jeff wasn't a LOST follower so he thought i was nuts, but i cried & was in a funk for days after that show ended.