July 19, 2011

Our Growing Family

J and I have been married three months as of this past Saturday! Naturally, we've been discussing expanding our family. And we did.

Meet Newnan.

Baby boy is two year-old lab/pit mix. A friend of a friend had two dogs, Newnan and another one. Unfortunately, she and her husband divorced. She is moving and can't afford two dogs on her own. We met Newn and his old owner about a month ago and after spending the day with him, fell in love. We had planned to pick him up this past Saturday, but when J picked me up from the airport Tuesday (I was in Ohio for work) and took me home, Newn was there waiting! Needless to say, he has us wrapped around his paws.

We took him on his first ride in the jeep Friday evening. I feel guilty that he is in his crate all day while we work and that we don't have a yard to let him out in, so we try to do some extra fun things on the weekend. We went walking on the greenline Friday evening and Sunday he went to J's parents with us and played in the backyard.

His favorite spot in the apartment is the front door--no squirrel, chipmunk, train or walker will go unnoticed.

He's also a big cuddler. Don't try telling him he isn't a lap dog--and he prefers everyone to be at his level. Also, I can't believe I'm posting this picture of me on the internet. I'd ran 2 miles and then Newn and I walked another 2, where he attacked a neighbor's in-ground sprinkler (sorry).

I apologize for the iPhone pics. It is easier to take a picture of him with our phones...when you lift a camera, he turns his head!


Ally Garner said...

Awwwww, he's such a cutie! I love his chocolate coloring. He seems to have immediately fallen in love with his new Mama judging by that picture ;) Btw, you look gorgeous & i LOVE that clear tray on your coffee table. Very chic!

Before we married Jeff crated Bailey dog on workdays (he was just a pup) but i couldn't bare it. He was house-trained so i started leaving him downstairs during the day. We close doors to rooms and he's fine. Maybe when he gets acclimated y'all can tray out a room or too. Otherwise i bet he just naps-which ain't a bad life ;)

Congrats on the gorgeous puppy! I have a feeling little Newn is going to be spoiled rotten haha.

Nicole said...

Yay for Newnan! That little guy is going to be well-loved, I can tell!

lmc said...

He's adorable!!

Barbecued Peaches said...

Thanks for the sweet comments on our baby boy :)

Ally- Since he has lab in him, he's got an extended "puppy" time. He's trained pretty well, so after a few months we may start experimenting with leaving him out for an hour or so while we run errands. J goes home at lunch and he's out for the hour, so it helps to know a little he's not locked up all day!