July 21, 2011

Currently, I am...

I have a bit of a writer's block today. While going through my Google Reader, I saw this post on Something to Cheer About and decided to follow suit!

Eating: I just finished an Amy's Kitchen Southwestern Burrito. Have you had these burritos? I love them! They're fairly healthy, keep me full and are now available cheap at Kroger for $2.14 (They used to be $3+)!

Reading: Nothing...can you believe it? I just finished the fifth "Pretty Little Liars" book. I have a new book on hold at the library.

Wishing: I was home with my pup instead of at work. Yes, he owns us both now.

Patiently Waiting For: The weekend

Freaking Out About: Our sweet pup is somewhat over our apartment's weight limit. Let's hope we don't get in trouble!

Annoyed By: The fact that I don't have a lot to work on at work.

On My Nails: Nothing! I really need to paint them this weekend.

Obsessed With: Pretty Little Liars. I'm reading the series and watching Season 1. I promise I'm 27, not 17.

Lusting After: This china cabinet. I really, really want it. It would look ridiculous in our apartment, but I hate that our pretty wedding gifts are boxed up in the guest room closet.

Looking Forward To: Football season! It is only 44 days away! GO DAWGS!

1 comment:

Ally Garner said...

Okay, love the currently series! I may have to tag you and do a Currently post myself next week. Fun!

That china cabinet is beautiful Lauren. I love walnut furnishings. So classic & sophisticated.

Those Amy's burritos sound easy & delish. Can you get them at any other grocery stores besides Kroger though?

Crossing my fingers your Apartment nazis don't fine you for Newnan. I've never understood that stupid rule.

Go Dawgs! Have a great Thursday :)