March 21, 2012

A Return?

I started this blog in May 2011 as an attempt to document our first year of marriage (and beyond!).

My last post was 6 months ago. Whoops.

All is still well. I was promoted at work so I've seen an increase in my workload. But now things are calming down and I think I have my lunchtime blogging hour back :) So hopefully I'm back in the game! I'm also going to not try and post everyday--maybe I won't run out of content this way :)

So, I'm back! I've been reading your blogs. I fail at commenting, but I'll do better. For now, I'll leave you with our family picture from Christmas:

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Ally Garner said...

I just about did a double-take seeing you pop up in my Reader. So glad you're blogging again - I've missed you!

Just saw your comment on my blog - and I totally get it. the explanation: A) We're older than you & your hubby bu probably 5 years which leads to --> B)most of our friends are having babies, live in the burbs & LOVE any opportunity to get out of the house. Hence, we entertain. A lot.

But it's rarely anything fancy. Sunday night we're fixing food & having 3 couple over to have a cocktail & watch Mad Men. We're still new to Charlotte, so having people over was just a way to build friendships. We love it!

Y'all should try it. Host a pot-luck cookout at your place this summer!