September 13, 2011

Making the House (Apartment?) a Home

I really want to decorate our apartment. Not painting or anything permanent, but I want to start collecting things that I would like to have in a home one day. I'm a bit ADD when it comes to decorating, so I think I'm going to start by focusing on one room at a time. I am starting with the living room, since that is where we spend the most time. While in Georgia this weekend, I cashed in some of the credit I had from returned wedding gifts at a local store and purchased this set of paintings to hang above our couch (sorry for the crappy iPhone picture)!

I got a good deal on these! $69 for the set! I also bought a cute little frame to hang in our 1/2 bath downstairs. That's pretty much the only fully-decorated room in the apartment :) I should post pictures!

I will post more pictures once we hang them. We will need to buy new throw pillows, I'm thinking maybe blue and brown. I also think I can tie-in a couple of the bright green accents I already have in the room.

I also want J to refinish the coffee table & side table we bought off craigslist now that it is cooler out. They have a slight cherry finish to them and I'd rather they be an espresso color. I also hate our Walmart, pressed-wood, black TV stand and would like to find a nicer one, along with a better couch and loveseat/ chair. I've always said "I don't want to waste money fixing up a temporary situation," but now I'm changing my tune. I've decided I'll start buying things I like now, regardless of how well they "go" in our apartment, knowing I'll love them in the future!

We have spot of wall between our two windows in the living room, above our (broken) loveseat, where I would like to hang a wood-framed mirror. All the mirrors I am finding online are $100+! Time to hit up Craigslist, TJMaxx and Tuesday Morning.

I look for ideas on Pinterest, but I get so over whelmed! Many of the ideas I like aren't applicable to our living situation (or budget!) right now.

Help me out! Where do you go for home decorating ideas?

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Ally Garner said...

First, i love the pictures you bought! Those will look even prettier when their up on the wall. That was a smart investment too. Anybody can grab cheaper framed pieces at a big box store, but hunting out art that speaks to you & can be used as a decorating point of view is so much better.

Did you see the article in last month's Southern Living about the recent college grad living in Atlanta? It was all about cheaper ways to furnish a home but still super stylish. It really was beautiful! Check SL's site for the piece - i'm pretty sure i saw it online as well.

Anyways, one of the places she looked for inspiration & fabric choices was Ballard Design. I have several pieces from Ballards as well. LOVE their catalogs! You should request one & peruse their website for ideas, if nothing else.

Start going Estate Sale hunting on the weekends. Get cheaper pieces then hunt for fabric by the bolt (that you can use in diff rooms) & repaint. That's what I did for my 1st apartment.