August 26, 2011

Oh hey....

Sorry about the absence!

I've been a little busy at work(I usually blog on my lunch hour) and just haven't felt like posting. I think I'm out of the funk though!

Next week will be back to our regularly scheduled programming, but for today you get a bulleted list of my random thoughts. Enjoy!

  • I plan on enjoying this last weekend of August by the pool and walking Newnan(the temps have been great yesterday and today!), but come Monday, I'm ready for Fall.

  • Fall items I'm looking forward to: cool weather, tall boots, recipes with cinnamon and apples, fall scented candles, hoodies, Jim Beam + Coke Zero and college football!

  • Newnan destroys at least 2 toys a week. Does anyone make dog toys made of steel?

  • I read Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin this weekend. I've read 4 of her 5 books and they all deal with cheating. I'm sensing a theme.

  • On another note, I liked Something Borrowed and Something Blue, but did not care for Baby Proof or Heart of the Matter.

  • I've read a lot of books recently, so expect a reading post soon!

That's all I have for today...Ally gave me a blog award, so expect that post sometime this weekend!

What are your weekend plans?


Britton said...

I have read Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and Baby Proof! The first two were definitely the best. Heart of the Matter is next on my bookshelf but now I'm not sure if I want to read it or not!

Ally Garner said...

Agree with Britton - the first two in the series were by far the best.

And ditto on all things Fall come Monday. I'm over summer and it's hellish, 98 degree, 100% humidity, insufferable weather. It can seriously bite me.

Our dog Bailey is a big siberian husky. We have the same problem with toys. He'll destroy cheap or plastic toys in less than a minute. We give him almost empty peanut better jars and time him just for laughs. He'll rip that sucker apart in a flash! The best toys we've found that not only hold up to his monster jaw but also entertain him for hours: Blue Kong and any West Paw or Vibram K9 tough toys. A;sp, have you been on yet? They have the basic things every pet site has, but the dog boutique is too cute.

Hope you have a great weekend Miss Lauren!

Barbecued Peaches said...

Britton- I liked Heart of the Matter enough to finish reading it. Its just that I've figured out her books have the same formula for all of them! I have Love The One You're With up next. is super cute! Newn loves PB--I'll have to give him the jar to finish off next time. We think its funny to dot some on his nose and watch him go after it :)

Ally Garner said...

A dot of peanut butter on the nose? Haha! I'm so doing that to Bailey when i get home tonight.