April 18, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Again this week, I am linking up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Here's what I'm loving this week...

OPI's Miami Beet Nail Polish


I got a pedicure while at a work off-site team trip/meeting. I randomly picked this color from what they had available and I really love it! I am tempted to go pick up my own bottle.

Newnan's Doggy Daycare WebCam

Oh yes. We go to doggy daycare. Once a week, I drop him off around 8 AM and J picks him up at 5:15 or so. He's plum exhausted by then! He'll sleep for the next 36 hours! The daycare offers a webcam that I like to peek in on throughout the day and see if I can spot him. It is a little difficult to pick out a black dog in a poor-quality video, but I can usually spot him by the tail :) These pictures are from previous visits--right now the camera is off for naptime! From 11 AM-1PM every day, they pop up crates and give everyone a treat and some quiet time. The picture of him standing alone is so funny...I checked in one day and he was just hanging out in the outside area, smiling and looking around. He stayed out there for at least 10 minutes!

Last Man Standing
Have you watched this? It is Tim Allen's new show and is, basically, Home Improvement with daughters instead of sons. J and I DVR it. We think it is really cute and funny!

I'm also loving my anniversary gift, but I'll share that in another post!

What are you loving this week? Link up and share!


Ally Garner said...

Newnan is in doggy camp? I love it! We send Bailey to a doggy daycare every now & then and he has a ball. We never get him to sleep for 36 hours afterwards though. He's a Husky, which means he has no off button. Oof! But you must tell me how they get the dogs to take a nap, haha!

LOVE that OPI color. I've never seen it before, but that's a gorgeous berry red!

I haven't seen Tim Allen's new show but my brother talks about it a lot. He's super picky & loves smart comedies. If it gets a "thumbs-up" from you two, then I need to check it out.

Hope you're having a great week & I can't wait to hear more about your anniversary gift! :)

Ioana-Carmen said...

So stylish! follow each other sweetie?:X